Intro to Software Testing.

Software Testing


Software testing is a critical element of software quality assurance and represents the ultimate process to ensure the correctness of the product. The quality product always enhances the customer confidence in using the product thereby increases the business economics. In other words, a good quality product means zero defects, which is derived from a better quality process in testing.
Software is an integrated set of Program codes, designed logically to implement a
particular function or to automate a particular process. To develop a software product or project, user needs and constraints must be determined and explicitly stated. The development process is broadly classified into two.

1. Product development
2. Project development

Product development is done assuming a wide range of customers and their needs. This
type of development involves customers from all domains and collecting requirements from many different environments.

Project Development is done by focusing a particular customer’s need, gathering data from
his environment and bringing out a valid set of information that will help as a pillar to development process.

Testing is a necessary stage in the software life cycle: it gives the programmer and user
some sense of correctness, though never “proof of correctness. With effective testing techniques, software is more easily debugged, less likely to “break,” more “correct”, and, in summary, better.


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