Install Fitnesse as Windows Service

As explained earlier, we can use the following command to run Fitnesse from Command Line.

java -jar fitnesse-standalone.jar -p 8082

Even if can create the above mentioned command as a Batch file (.bat) and run it whenever you want to start the Fitnesse tool.

Sometimes if we want to deploy all our wiki/test pages to a server, then running from batch file is not
a better option. So we can install the Fitnesse as a windows service.

So if you want to run this Fitnesse as Windows Service, then we can use the following steps.

There is a utility called Yet Another Java Service Wrapper – YAJSW
More details here:

First download YAJSW from
Unzip the YAJSW in a directory.

I did it in the same directory where the Batch file is there to run the Fitnesse.

Check whether you have installed Java 1.5 or greater.
Start the Fitnesse Jar by using the batch file you like to wrap.
Check the process id of java.exe. NOTE: we need the pid of the application not the batch file which started the application.
Goto “yajsw/bat” directory and execute

genConfig.bat pid

Example: if Process ID for java.exe is 383, then

genConfig.bat 383

This generates the file “yajsw/conf/wrapper.conf” which is the configuration file for wrapping Fitnesse
Stop Fitnesse application
Open “conf/wrapper.conf” with a text editor. I always prefer notepad++ than notepad.
Update the following parameters in that Config value to the value mentioned below.

# Title to use when running as a console

# Wrapper Windows Service and Posix Daemon Properties
# Name of the service

# Display name of the service

# Description of the service
wrapper.ntservice.description=QA Acceptance Testing Framework

Save it

Execute your wrapped application running the batch file runConsole.bat under “yajsw/bat” directory.
check that Fitnesse is running bu opening it in the browser. http://localhost:8082/
To Install the application as service call installService.bat under “yajsw/bat” directory.
To start the service: startService.bat under “yajsw/bat” directory.

Goto services.msc and search for Fitnesse. There should be a services created for “Fitnesse”

Now open your browser and hit the URL http://localhost:8082/
This should navigate you to the FrontPage of Fitnesse

To stop the service: stopService.bat under “yajsw/bat” directory.
To uninstall the service: uninstallService.bat under “yajsw/bat” directory.

The above mentioned steps are explained in a Video Tutorial here:

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