How to recover modified records from SQL Server without Backup

Recover Updated Data from SQL Server without BackUp

SQL Server Portal

In my previous post “How to recover deleted records from SQL Server”, I received requests to “develop a mechanism that can recover the modified records from SQL Server”

Now, it is very easy to recover modified data from your SQL server 2005 or above.(Note: This script can recover following data types & compatible with CS collation).

  • tinyint
  • smallint
  • int
  • bigint
  • bit
  • char
  • varchar
  • nchar
  • nvarchar
  • datetime
  • smalldatetime
  • money
  • smallmoney
  • decimal
  • numeric
  • real
  • float
  • binary
  • varbinary
  • uniqueidentifier

Let me explain this issue demonstrating simple example.

Now, you need to create this procedure to recover your modified data

Estimated execution time for this stored procedure is 1-3 minutes.

How does it work is explained in Article -2.

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