State of Testing Survey 2016

State of Testing Survey 2016 is coming around the corner. I hope you guys participated in the previous state of testing survey to provide the software testing community with useful insights in our community.

In the previous State of Testing Survey 2015 from 2015 more than 900 people from all over the world participated and the goal for the 2016 survey is to reach more than 1000 participants.

If you like to contribute to this survey and to spread the word about it, you can either blog, tweet or talk about it on the social media platforms of your choice.  To get more information about it visit the survey page

You can also see the last year results from the State of Testing Survey 2015 survey results page.

To get even more details for the 2016 state of testing survey, We want to raise the awareness for the survey and to remind you to complete it when it is online on the 7th of January 2016  at If you follow the link you can use the reminder function to get notified when the survey is online.

I will definitely complete the state of testing survey 2016 and I hope you are doing the same!

Thanks to Daniel Knott for providing me this information through his blog post.

Happy New Year to all !!


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