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Selenium 2016 Conference

Sometimes back I got an opportunity to attend the Selenium 2016 Conference in Bangalore India and it was a very good exposure for me to learn how people are doing things difference than me.

I thought of writing a detailed blog post for each and every session. But due to my busy schedule, I was not able to focus on my writing for the last few months.

So I am going to summarize some of the key take away sessions in this blog posts. The Slides and Videos are already there in the Conf Engine Site – Selenium 2016 Conference Slides & Videos.

The first and most favorite session was The Interviewer, Interviewee and vice-versa by Robin. Even-though he related this session with Selenium interviews, I can say each and everyone in our industry should watch this video once. Its not technical. But its funny and I enjoyed a lot. I highly recommend this for the interviewers to “What not to ask” in an interview.

The next one that I liked most is Automating the Responsive Web Design TestingIf you are developing a site/app and open to public, chances are there that our end users will access our app in a desktop, mobile or in a tablet. This session has some good amount of technical information related to Galen which helps us in automating testing for look and feel for our responsive websites.

Functional & Security Testing session is another interesting one which I already have tried out in one of my blog post Security Test Automation using Selenium and ZAP

Testing as a Container is a technical session which talks about leveraging the container technologies to solve the challenges of growing testing infrastructure and continuous delivery. We can learn how Docker works and why its important to our testing.

Automated Visual Testing – This session talks about modern comparison engines and visual testing tools like Applitools. It also talks about how we can use these image comparison tools to automation our baseline tests.

Test Data – Food for your Framework – This one talks about test data management. There is a myth in our automation that if there is a test data, it needs to be externalized in a config/excel or some other file other than source code. But this talk will break those beliefs.

Practical Tips & Tricks for Selenium by Dave the author of and gives us lot of advanced tips and tricks that will be helpful for our day to day automation activities.

Advanced Appium by Dan talks about Appium, the leading Mobile Test Automation Tool. This one is more technical and if you are learning any mobile test automation tool, at some point you have to go through this video.

Still there are plenty of interesting talks and Lightning Talks. You can go through all of these here – Selenium 2016 Conference Slides & Videos.

This is the Selenium 2016 Youtube Video Playlist where you can see all the videos.

Overall – Its lots & lots of key takeaways and learning from this conference. Eagerly looking forward to implement some of these ideas in my automation projects.