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The State of Testing Survey 2022

Back and better than ever

PractiTest and TeaTimeWithTesters are now running the 9th annual State of Testing™ survey.
Based on previous feedback we took an extra effort to make the survey shorter and more precise.

What’s new?

It was also time to take a closer look at some potential interesting factors around the effects that Agile and DevOps might have on our productivity and our testing. So this time around the questions are targeted to explore some common trends and conceptions.
Sounds interesting, don’t you think? TAKE THE SURVEY NOW

At the end of the survey, you will have the option of leaving your info, if you’d like us to send you the report with the analyzed answers from all the testing professionals who answered this survey around the world.

What is the State of Testing™?

The State of Testing™  initiative seeks to identify the existing characteristics, practices, and challenges facing the testing community today in hopes to shed light and provoke a fruitful discussion towards improvement.

The final report is translated into several languages and shared globally, further expanding the reach and impact this report has on all of us in the QA world.

Each year the amount of participants has increased, and the final report becomes even more valuable as a culminated reflection of testing trends, challenges, and characteristics.

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